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Love can be produced, accumulated, distributed.

I am not a Chef but a food lover. I started traveling the world as a child, first accompanied by my parents and then, alone ...

I learned to appreciate the sweet and the bitter, the savory and the tasteless, the spicy flavors of the thousand and one nights that every corner of the earth jealously guards. You will never savor the real taste of a pizza if you don't eat it in Naples, just as you will never savor the real taste of a sushi if you don't eat it in Tokyo, because in addition to the ingredients of the recipe there is the LOVE that only those who have created that "food", over the years, if not over the centuries, they have been able to transmit. Even water that reflects distant stories is a fundamental ingredient, as is the air that whispers the breath of those who for the first time made the dough rise or roll the first sushi.

A handful of love and a pinch of passion that some people are able to add to their "recipes" are the best ingredient that could ever exist!

I was inspired by the most famous love story in the world and created this special drink for you.

Cupido Drink ...makes you fall in Love!

Love is a builder
Love is madness
Love is destructive
Love is happiness
Love is jealousy
Love is sensuality
Love is magic
Love is sadness
Love is attraction
Love is wisdom
Love is disappointment
Love is mystery
is miracle...
is glory...
is endless...
Love is god
...if you haven't figured it out yet
Love is everything!