♥ Worldwide Exclusive - House of Romeo and Juliet - Verona - Italy ♥

Cupido Drink

100% Natural

Natural and full of Energy! the energy of Love!

130% Juice

30% more than a 100% natural Juice!

Great Marketing

Only together we fly!

Caffeine & Taurine Free

No caffeine nor Taurine added.

Preservatives Free

18 months shelf life without any preservatives.

Colours Free

Only the natural and healthy colors of the fruit.

Why Cupido Drink?

CUPIDO DRINK ®, born from the idea of El Badaoui Georges, responding to market demand to have a fashionable drink that contains no synthetic materials and no added sugar. As the full range of products of the Group, we try always to create a strong and unique marketing. The beverage that is loved by the consumer must be a beverage that loves his own buyer offering natural goodness and trust. 100% natural, 130% juice, 30% more than in nature, made from a base of concentrated fruit from apple and grape, no added sugar and containing herbs used for hundreds of years without any side effects.

CUPIDO DRINK ® is the exclusive beverage of the house of Love “house of Romeo & Juliet”, the 13/14 February 2010 was opened the first bottle of the drink into the house of Juliet in the center of Verona, Italy. On the Famous Balcony H.R.H. Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur with Georges El Badaoui opened the first bottle of the unique drink that has access to the most famous love story of the world.



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