SulfureA - Val La pena comprare l'acqua in Bottiglia!
Why the name SULFUREA?

First at all, because the water bottled by us, is a sulphur water, which flows from an area called the «Mephitis» for the presence of the famous Italic sanctuary dedicated to goddess "Mephitis" also known as the goddess «Sulfurea».
A fascinating place, but always perceived as a bleak and disturbing, so much so that in the Aeneid of Virgil places it as the entrance to the underworld.

The Goddess Sulfurea represented a symbol of the strength of the water that gushes from the earth and then goes to air. It embodies the values​​, celestial and otherworldly.

Another statue of «SULFUREA» is present in other areas as Comitini in Agrigento, this fanciful goddess of the underground mysterious yet fascinating for its magical qualities that give her water, making the skin of the girls smooth as silk.

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