SulfureA - Val La pena comprare l'acqua in Bottiglia!


SULFUREA®, classified as sulfur, carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium, contains unmistakable smell of sulfur as hydrogen sulfide and a significant presence of carbon dioxide, the latter feature that makes the water sparkling and pleasant to drink.
Bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium are the trace elements which give a strongly mineral and many studies conducted since the last century have confirmed the temporal effects of sulphurous water in many diseases.

SULFUREA® is a volcanic water that flows from the source after hundreds of meters if not kilometers over the lava from the bowels of mother earth by absorbing all its benefits!un acqua Vulcanica che sgorga dalla fonte dopo aver fatto centinaia di metri se non chilometri sulla lava assorbendo dalle viscere dalla madre terra tutti i suoi benefici!
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