SulfureA - Val La pena comprare l'acqua in Bottiglia!
...You can do a lot of use with SULFUREA®

SULFUREA® Used for inhalation has decongestant properties and normalizing of the upper airways.

SULFUREA® applied on the skin rebalancing activities in many skin disorders.

SULFUREA® Besides being used for its health properties, is renowned for its unique taste and is a popular and sought water for meals.

Drinking half liter of mineral water SULFUREA® per day, for at least two weeks, has a prolonged antioxidant effect against free radicals produced by proteins and lipids. A simple anti-aging formula that is based on the results of a study conducted by Serena Benedetti (Institute of Histology and analysis laboratory at the University of Urbino, Italy), in collaboration with colleagues at the Center for Study and Research in thermal medicine of the University of Milan.

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SULFUREA® s recommended for athletes as a supplement natural salt, which the body replenishes minerals lost through sweating body balancing the salt budget. Provides highly absorbable calcium ion, which is useful in the phase of growth and prevention of osteoporosis, is recommended in chronic gastritis and constipation and, for the rich presence of magnesium, in states of fatigue, irritability and stress also the presence of hydrogen sulphide promotes vasodilation and elimination of free radicals.

SULFUREA® is sold exclusively in glass bottles - ¼ liter - screw cap.
why this choice? because SULFUREA® is a healing water, to preserve its characteristics, we decided to sell it at doses of 1/4 liter, once opened, should be consumed entirely in order to obtain the maximum benefits.
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