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Many young people make use of energy drinks high in caffeine and other harmful substances combined with alcohol damaging the brain, the liver and the bacterial flora. Cupido Drink® has no harmful substances of current energy drinks. It does not affect the power of alcohol and does not deceive the brain, making him believe that he still awake. The other energy drinks create effects of nausea, nervousness and instability of personality, everything, especially after a long night out clubbing with physical exhaustion, causing traffic accidents and many other problems.
Cupido Drink ® can be mixed with any type of alcohol, its content of grape juice and apple that are the base of alcohol, can satisfy all your cocktail’s fantasy! Cupido Drink, there is no better than simplicity!


Cupido in Love

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Cupido Cupido Drink Black Angel 2 parts2 parts2 parts
Alcohol 1 part
Fruit - Veg. pieces



Cocktail Guide

Alcol dose  

Jujubes broth (Liquor)

  Grapefruit   Mix fruit
Cupido dose Cognac Lemon piece Red apple
Few Drop Gin Grapefruit juice White apple
Cupido dose

Red wine

Lime piece Banana
Pieces Rum Lychees Red hot chilly
Black Angel Whiskey Orange piece Olive
White Angel Smoked Whiskey Orange juice Honey
Blond beer Sake Strawberry Ice

Dark beer Vanilla Pineapple    
Champagne Cherry Red grape    
Pear Passion fruit White Grape    

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